One of the questions that run through one’s mind when considering shipping container fabrication services is, how do I prove that its mine? What stops someone else from claiming that container after I’ve invested in it?

The simple and solid answer to these questions is summed up in the prefix BIC. Just like a piece of land has a title deed, a car has a logbook, an electronic device has a serial number that’s unique to itself with no other device of any brand or model being similar to it.

A BIC code or ISO Alpha-codes comprises of:

  • An owner/operator code of 3 letters
  • A fourth letter used as equipment identifier
  • A serial number of 6 Arabic numerals
  • A seventh digit providing a means of validating the recording and/transmission accuracy of the data

Example (theoretical- for a container):

BICU 123456 5

This identification system provides uniform international identification of containers in the documentation and in communication associated with the movement of the containers.