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We Build Inspiring Commercial ,
Public and Residential Spaces.
Full Camp Solution

With Green Energy,
Solar Powered,
Solar water heater,
Satellite Communication
for internet connectivity,
CCTV and water treatment.

CONTAINER CONVERSION SHOPPING CENTER We convert shipping containers into very functional and tasteful finished units. EXPERTS

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Container Design Africa converts shipping containers into solutions suitable for Commercial or Private use. We are focused on innovation and aim to offer the highest international manufacturing standards. Our range includes solutions for housing, industrial, storage and remote camp construction. We offer the full scope from design, manufacture, transportation and the installation of the units on site. We offer both sell and lease options and we are able to meet most client requirements, supplying units any where in Eastern Africa.




Our in-house architects will help you to create bespoke solutions. Both for individual units and multiple-unit projects.



We use the best available materials in our container modification process and meet all international building standards



We provide professional and effective container transportation services. Our process is secure and safe all the way.



We are able to install the containers onsite. We use the latest technology to reduce costs and installation time

Delivering high quality projects

Our team of experts guarantee customized container modification services and high quality end products. Your satisfaction is our pride.

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We have a wide variety of products; custom shipping container conversions, solar power kits and prefab containers. Bespoke container modification is our specialty.





Modular build can and should deliver construction cost savings of up to 20% if done right and can deliver life cycle cost benefits.



Modular projects usually accelerating project timelines by 20%–50% percent, with containers the delivery can get 70% faster than traditional.This ensure you never worry about speed of delivery.

Why Containers?


Less surprises, the work required to build a container usually comes at a fixed price. The only variable cost is: site preparation, assembly, foundation, and utility connections.

Containers are mobile and can therefore be transported to any location that an off loader truck can access.



Eliminate the risk of stolen Material at site. Containers have well built and robust metal covers that ensures it's hard for anyone to break any. Additionally containers also give mobility of location geographically.


The environmental aspect of using a container as building Material lies in the fact that you’re Recycling a product from the shipping industry thus helping the environment

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We've made friends along the way

Industrial Supervisor

Steve Kioko

Very easy to setup and the whole team was very well organized, kind and helpful (even when we suddenly needed extra capacity !!


Dason Murimi

I was very impressed that they reached out to me to ensure I was getting the correct size containers. I received exactly what I ordered in a very reasonable time frame. Extra thanks to your shipping person for such great attention to delivery - Impressive. Thank you.


Lucy Mukami

I have never had an issue with this company. I always get a quick response when I have a question about part number or pricing. Always a pleasure to do business with. And Tomer is great

Project Manager

Emma Romero

I found the whole process quick and easy, Rafael Hazan at Container Design Africa was really helpful whilst understanding the needs of our business and the urgency of assistance to maintain our business, I would recommend Container Design Africa and would not hesitate to use them in future.

Event Organiser

Peter Mutweri

Great place to purchase storage of any variety. The typically have great discounts and bulk purchasing options. I've made several purchases through their site and the experience has been excellent every time:)

Head Mistress

Vallency Karera

A very efficient service! Friendly, helpful and delivered on time with the minimal of fuss. I have already recommended this company to other schools.

Got Questions?

Can I make an order online?

Yes you can. We have made the process simple by having you either visiting our store  or simply contacting us through the details displayed on the bottom of the website.

Where are you located?

You can find us at :St Joseph’s Road, off Eastern Bypass, Nairobi, Kenya.


Why do prices fluctuate so much?

Shipping containers are a commodity, meaning the supply is controlled based on market demand. There are various global factors that impact the supply and demand side of shipping containers. Additionally, it is common that port adjacent cities and hubs will have lower priced containers than inland more remote locations due to the associated transportation costs of getting the container to further inland locations.

What sizes of containers do you offer?

  • 40ft high cube 40ft 12.18m 2.43m 2.89m
  • 40ft Low cube 40ft 12.18m 2.43m 2.43m
  • 20ft low cube 20ft 6.09m 2.43m 2.43m

What are the dimensions of a shipping container?

  • 40ft high cube 40ft 12.18m 2.43m 2.89m
  • 40ft Standard 40ft 12.18m 2.43m 2.59m
  • 40ft Low cube 40ft 12.18m 2.43m 2.43m
  • 20ft high cube 20ft 6.09m 2.43m 2.89m
  • 20ft Standard 20ft 6.09m 2.43m 2.59m
  • 20ft Low cube 20ft 6.09m 2.43m 2.43m
  • 10ft Standard 10ft 2.99m 2.43m 2.59m

Can shipping containers be insulated?

A shipping container can be insulated using Gypsum, EPS panels or PUF panels.

Is there any site preparation necessary prior to receiving my shipping container?

  • The client should ensure that the ground is leveled and all the plumbing lines, sewage and electric (whichever one applies) are ready.
  • Where applicable the client is responsible for permit acquisition for the use of the modified container for a specific purpose.

Can I arrange delivery for my own shipping container?

A client can arrange transport for their own shipping container or let us do it for them.

Can I provide my own shipping container?


Do you offer onsite jobs?

We do offer onsite job options however the client acquires all relevant permits from local authorities.

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