Container Design Africa is focused on innovation as well as the highest finishing level of construction.

Our target markets would be housing, commercial areas, storage spaces and camp contraction for the various industries throughout East Africa. We at Container Design Africa cover the entire scope from the design to production, and further to logistics and mobilizing of units to site as well as assembling the structures,

We sell and lease units and we are able to meet any size and requirements for our various clients from Mozambique, the DRC all the way to Somalia and South Sudan.

Service Lines

We are converting shipping containers into very functional and tasteful finished units


CDA can design the full camp layout from start to finish. Our design will include the erection plans as well as the civil works design with electrical and plumbing works required.


We are experienced in any civil works required including housing, slabs, belts, shelters, flooring, fencing and gates. We include plumbers and electricians that will follow our design and connect all the units with a central location as well as all the civil works required .


As part of our logistics expertise we are able to transport anything anywhere including clearing and forwarding, air freight and sea freight requirements. We can manage operations of forklifts and cranes on site for any size of lifting required including special team of riggers and operators to handle the jobs.