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6 Advantages of Container Modified Units

It’s no secret that container conversion has become very popular over the last few years. With container architecture becoming its own field, architects from all over the world have come up with amazing container designs that show how innovative they are.

There are all manner of hybrid container building designs that blend with traditional construction. There are container buildings with exterior cladding and interior walls that make it effectively impossible to tell there’s a container underneath at all unless you were watching during construction.

In short, containers don’t necessarily fit into any narrow building category because they can be made to look like and serve just about any purpose they are intended to. With enough work the transformation made to a fabricated container can truly be a wonder. Without taking up more of your time, here is what you need to know about containers when you decide to go the container way.


Shipping containers are manufactured to be tough and durable since they are meant to carry cargo through extreme weather both on land and at sea. At container Design Africa our engineer would advise you on the suitable positioning of windows and doors in order to maintain the structural integrity of the container conversion units.

Even without bolting the shipping containers down they can withstand high winds and storms. Unsecured and standing alone, they can handle winds of up to 100 mph. The safety and security of the modified container design is amplified further when you fasten the home to a foundation, properly secured they can take wind speeds of up to 175 mph. So, if the container structure is intended for an area with extreme weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, you can rest assured that your fabricated container is built to withstand the storm.


The two most important ways in which containerization provides freedom is: Physical freedom which is basically mobility. This makes them ideal for construction sites on large areas. The Converted container units can be moved from one part of the site to another. The second most important way is Financial freedom. Container conversion units can be done in stages thus giving some room for one to gather funds.


Shipping containers are made of steel which is highly resistant to bugs and pests. If one decides to put wood floors or clad the exterior of your shipping container house, because the internal frame of the building is made from steel there is less to worry about with pests.
Pests could damage the exterior siding or any interior finishes, but they would not be able to damage the structural integrity of your container unit, like that can do with a structure built with conventional methods.


With a container home or container converted structures the exterior structure is already built, the roof, walls, and ceiling are completed; all you have to add are the interior details, which take a considerable amount of time off of the building process.

Containers can also be modified off-site and transported to the location as ready structures for installation. This is an especially ideal option for remote areas.


Over the past decade people have begun looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint and recycle and reuse items whenever possible. Shipping container homes provide an excellent opportunity to meet both of these goals.

With proper insulation converted shipping container structures can be incredibly energy efficient and handle both hot summers and cold and windy winters. As with many tiny home designs, a container house can be incredibly energy efficient, due to their small size. High-value insulation can make it easy to heat or cool the small space and many owners opt for a solar energy option, which can further reduce the monthly cost of utilities.

If you find used shipping containers for sale to build your container home, with each 40-foot container you are repurposing 2,500 kg of steel. The use of steel shipping containers also reduces or eliminates the use of many other building materials, which can be harmful to the environment.


When it comes to the interior finishes and customization of your container house, the possibilities are endless! At Container Design Africa we have numerous design plans for container modified units Or you can work with one of our designers to develop your own plan that meets your every need.

Whether an idea, Detailed plans, or just a purpose that needs to be fulfilled by fabricating a shipping container we shall make it happen. You envision it, we make it Happen.



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