Community and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Training Plans

We consider the training importance in our activity as an East African company to providing training and support to the local communities. For every project we have a program that includes the local support covering medical support, educational support and employment / training plan of the local teams.

CSR Planning

CDA is proud to be one of the most compliant in Corporate Social Responsibility planning. We are assisting other companies and associations in planning the corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Community Clinic.

Provide community medical services by constructing and equipping a clinic within the village.

Agriculture Training Farm.

Bring special consultants to assist with training the local community in growing crops such as maize, vegetables

Local Market Community buying centre. Provide ready-market for community product attracts larger area buyers (hotels etc.)

Community School.

Construction of schools and bringing teachers to operate the school program  in the village

Constructions training school.

Including all artisans such as welding, carpentry, flooring and painting.

Community training in poultry & animal husbandry.

Training community members to adopt a structured format to production & husbandry of goat & chicken.

Training Programs


Farmer’s kit program. Helping the local farmers with the right programs for their crops to increase efficiency and production.

Hospitality and tourism:

Housekeeping, laundry and ironing lessons to be able and work in the future planned facilities of the project.

Fishing and Aqua-culture:

Methods and efficiency in fishing including fish growing and fish handling.

Health, Safety & Environment:

Training local workforce to work in a safe environment including Safety gear usage, planning ahead, and risks assessment at work.

Hospitality and tourism:

Cooking, baking, kitchen maintenance, dining room management, Kitchen HSE and hygiene.

English School

in combination with focused vocational and technical training, will allow the local labor force to acquire long-term jobs and hence stable income

Health and hygiene:

How to maintain a healthier and cleaner environment to avoid diseases and medical problems.

Hospitality and tourism:

Tourism with the focus on Madagascar and the coast area. How to increase tourism and provide better tourist services.

Medical and first aid.

Teaching the local community to provide first aid such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) as well as first aid kit usage